Sourcerer’s Apprentice- Summer 2020 Edition

The “Sourcerer’s Apprentice” wants to assist recruiters/sourcers/HR professionals in identifying both prospective passive and active Job seekers and to some extent also assist in offering engagemement and tracking tools that can be incorporated into their company’s applicant tracking system.

When evaluating a tool, I look at both product strength, ease of use, customer support, and flexible pricing and payment plans. As you read this newsletter, I would ask that you let me know which tools(s) you favor and why? Are there other tools you feel I should also look at that may be stronger contenders?

Tools are essential, but so are techniques. As many of us are still working from home, I challenge you to fully explore all the other “favorite things” you will find in the discussion below.

Bret Hollander, Editor

There are a few of my favorite things

Do you remember the feeling you had when closed new hire? Do you also remember the many hours of sourcing, emails, phone calls to the candidate, and the other part of selling the candidate to your program manager? Well, as Julie Andrews sang in the “Sound of Music”, “When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feels so bad. The link above will offer an Excel spreadsheet of 103 cool tools, techniques, and bunch of other stuff.


The fun part of being the ditor of this newsletter is the discovery of tool and techniques that supercharge a recruiter or sourcer. I recently attended two well attended online conference hosted by Ryan Leary of RecruitingDaily. All the presenters were both very informative and quite engaging. One of the sponsors was a company called SeekOut, It’s a digital platform built for recruiters that searches beyond LinkedIn to find candidates anywhere on the web. SeekOut is a great repository because it mashes together the people finder ability and social aggregator. It also puts together the email cadence for reaching out with some really smart templates.

In the ensuing weeks after the events, I spoke to numerous presenters and other noted recruiters and sourcers to get their opinion on SeekOut. The resounding reponses was that this is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

All that sounds fascinating, but you know me, I have to review the product myself and that review appears I this newsletter. So here goes… I was given a free 14-day trial to evaluate their product, which included unlimited support from their team. This consisted of over two hours of online demonstration and instruction, and follow-up email support by both Anoop Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder and Michael Kniefel, Customer Success Manager. I ran this product through quite a thorough review of over 60 hours.