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30. September 2013

Interviewing with Skype: Discover if your callers are telling the truth

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KishKish Lie detector offers you a tool to detect the stress level of the person you communicate with over Skype. With the use of KishKish Lie detector you can monitor in real-time the stress level of the person you talked with.

This allows you to gauge the level of stress and modify your questions in real time. You can also use the KishKish SAM VSA that allows you to record the call and analyze the stress level offline.

13. February 2013

Beyond LinkedIn: Must Have Apps For Power Networking

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Power Networking

Now that many of you have spent some time with LinkedIn, you need to know about the next generation of apps poised to help you network, host effective calls and manage your meetings, follow-ups and contacts? These apps will help you stay productive and manage the most important actions you can take for a successful career: networking and building relationships.

1. Rapportive –

This app allows you to learn everything about a person without ever leaving your Gmail inbox. Forget about searching Google; simply hover over an email and the contact’s photo, latest tweets, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and more will show up in your sidebar. This is incredibly useful for vetting someone, learning more and finding those unforeseen moments.

This app is a free add-on available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. At its most basic, the tool lets you put a face to a name, but it can also act as a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) system if you take advantage of all the integrated features.

2. Speek –

Do you find yourself constantly fumbling for a phone number and PIN, only to join a conference call at the most awkward moment? The super-simple and free conference call platform lets users choose a unique and personal link (i.e., rather than a traditional phone number and PIN to connect conference calls.

Once you’re on the call, this app provides a visual experience that lets you see who’s joined the call, see who’s talking, share files and mute participants. Plus, it’s integrated with your social media accounts, so you can connect with callers on LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. Contactually –

Relationships are the basis of any good career, and this app helps you manage timely interactions with your most important relationships. Follow up with potential clients, keep warm leads from getting cold and remember to email that mentor who will find you your next job.

Particularly good for sales professionals, freelancers and true go-getters, this system automates your contact management (i.e., the crucial networking you have to do to be successful). Every day, you get a list of people you need to reach out to, and you can track all your progress and communication patterns in your personalized dashboard.

4. Ecquire –

Another browser extension, this app integrates with existing Web services, like Salesforce, Highrise, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Twitter, HootSuite and more, to help you easily and automatically add and import information about your contacts no matter what site you’re on.

No need to remember multiple usernames and passwords or enter information multiple times. And if you’re used to having to remember to “bcc” or forward important emails to your CRM system, forget about it. This app has a great interface that is completely unobtrusive until you need it and delivers all your notes and details to multiple apps simultaneously.

5. Highrise –

This app is a cheaper, more intuitive and simpler version of Salesforce. But it’s not just good for managing sales and business development; you can also manage people and processes like your job search, clients, blogger outreach, customers and more through the use of tags, custom fields and cases (like folders).

You can keep notes about how many daughters your newest partner has and if they prefer to receive an email over a phone call. Integrate this app with some of the other extensions and apps on this list to make the simple database truly powerful and intuitive.

6. WorkFlowy –

As both an outlining and note-taking tool, this app is the closest thing to pen and paper while also featuring the powerful features needed in today’s productivity apps.

Take notes during a call or create an outline before a meeting with this app’s deceivingly simple interface. When you’re ready to do more, this app has you covered with search, collaboration tools, tagging, the ability to zoom in and out of certain projects and more so you’re always prepared with the people you want to impress.

3. January 2013

Maximizing Your Social Media Impact

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Social Media World

Check out how how to use these Social Media websites to benefit your business.

8. March 2012

Do Your Passwords Suck?

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The only person you can rely on to keep your password secure is yourself. You’re probably not doing enough to keep number one safe. The reason: Your special lump of letters, numbers, and symbols are likely spread over too many sites, are not long enough, and are probably too personal. Most of our passwords suck. And it’s kind of a big problem.


The thing to understand is that the biggest threat to your security isn’t some creep sitting in front of your email login screen, randomly bruteforcing his way into your account. Nope, you’re up against computers that can run thousands of encrypted passwords by dictionaries of several languages, everything in the World Fact Book, and Wikipedia in a matter of minutes.


Numbers substituted for letters is really, really bad. Most password applications will try that before they do plain English. Patterns on a keyboard are bad news, too. It doesn’t require much to fell some 6-character entry made from your dog’s name with some digits tacked on. People will use their birth year. If there are four digits at the end, it’s not a remarkable coincidence that most start with 19.


What can you do about it? The most important thing you can do to a single password is to make it long. Adding one more character makes it exponentially more difficult to break-even if you don’t use silly characters. Focusing on length, Appppppppppple with 11 ‘P’s,’ is actually really good. Size does matter – suggest a password 12-14 characters long.


Storing your passwords in a spreadsheet or email is also a BIG No-No. One breach means access to your whole life.


One trick is to start with a line from a favorite song. Pull the first letter of each word in the line and stick them together for something that’s easy to recall but very difficult to crack. This trick provides length—which stifles brute force attempts—and randomness—keeping clear of anything that would pop up in a dictionary.


Or try using every tool you can on your keyboard. You can use parentheses in your password. Letters, numbers, special characters, and upper case—if you’re allowed to, you should use them all.


Keeping track of the dozens of passwords you’re required to remember is pretty daunting. There are just so many other things we have to keep straight. Get yourself a password manager service. These will allow you to create crazy-secure 14-character, dictionary-search proof, symbol-using passwords for every site you visit, without relying on your brain to remember all the gibberish. Here are some to consider:


LastPass ( – manages all of your passwords, as well as additional data in a simple, easy-to-use interface

Price: Basic for Windows, Mac, Linux: Free. Premium (includes mobile) $1/month


1Password ( – desktop versions of the client will also sync via a Dropbox account with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad versions

Price: $50 after 30-day trial. $10.00 (iPhone and iPod Touch) and $15 (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).


KeePass ( – open-source application with a sizable user base behind it

Price: Free


Clipperz ( – online password manager that doesn’t require you to download any software

Price: Free

29. December 2011

How to Access the Free Monthly AIRS Sourcing Report

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To get your report sent directly to your email address, you will need to register with AIRS (reports are free) at:

The AIRS Sourcing Report offers free monthly tips, tricks and groundbreaking technologies to help you find the best talent online.

If you want to first evaluate the content of these free sourcing reports, go to:

and put in this search string: “AIRS Sourcing Report”|”Sourcing Report” Current|recruter|guide|solution|”press release”|training inurl:*2011*

From these results, you can quickly view, print out, or save the AIRS Sourcing Reports from Sep – Dec 2011, and other earlier ones as well.

23. September 2011

Making Simple & Easy Choices to Creating a Secure Password

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There is no such thing as a perfect password. A committed hacker can crack any password, given enough time and the right “dictionary” or “brute force” tools. But just like breaking into a car, if the protection is strong enough, the hacker will become discouraged and pursue an easier target.


1. Start With a Base Word Phrase.


A good password starts with a base word phrase. Choose a memorable catchphrase, quotation, or easy-to-remember saying, and take the first letter from each word. Choose a phrase that is memorable to you.


Examples of some base word phrases:


    * Can’t See the Forest Through the Trees:  cstfttt

    * Put Up or Shut Up:  puosu

    * If the Shoe Fits, Wear It:  itsfwi

    * You Can Lead a Horse to Water:  yclahtw

    * The Last Mile Is Always Uphill: tlmiau

    * I Think, Therefore I Am:  ittia

    * Oh Say Can You See:  oscys

    * My Dog Quinnie Loves Mystery Suprises: mdqlms


Suggestion: try this list of acronym phrases you could use for inspiration


Suggestion: try this list of famous quotations and catchphrases


2. Lengthen the Phrase


Passwords start to become strong at 6 characters long. While a long password can be annoying to type, a long password really helps to slow down brute force hacker attacks.


Tip: lengthen your password by adding the website name or computer software name to the base phrase. For example:


    * cstftttGmail

    * puosuVista

    * itsfwiEpinions

    * yclahtwWin7

    * tlmiauMac

    * ittiaAboutdotcom

    * oscysPayPal

    * mdqlmsEbay


Tech tip: passwords that are 15 characters and more are extremely strong, because Microsoft Windows will not store scrambled passwords in hidden files once they are 15 characters or longer.


3. Scramble the Phrase


Scrambling does not necessarily mean rearranging the letters. Rather, scrambling your password can effectively be achieved by swapping one or more of the password letters with a non-alphabetic character, and then purposely including uppercase and lowercase letters within the password. Scrambling creatively uses the shift key, punctuation marks, the @ or % symbols, and even semi-colons and periods. Using numbers as substitutes for letters is another strong scrambling technique.


Examples of scrambling:


    * CstftttGm@il

    * Puo5uVista

    * 1tsfwiEpinions

    * Ycl@htwWin7

    * 7lmiauMac

    * ittiaAboutdotcom

    * o5cysPayPal

    * mdqlm?!Ebay


4. Lastly: Rotate/Change Your Password Regularly


At work, your network people will require you to change your password every several days. At home, you should rotate your passwords as a matter of good computer hygiene. If you are using different passwords for different websites, rotate portions of your passwords every few weeks. Note that rotating parts of the password, not the entire passwords, will help deter hackers from stealing your phrases. If you can memorize three or more passwords at the same time, then you are in good shape to resist brute force hacker attacks.




    * mdqlm?!Gmail

    * CstftttVista

    * Puo5uEpinions

    * 1tsfwiWin7

    * Ycl@htwMac

    * 7lmiauAboutdotcom

    * ittiaPayPal

    * o5cysEBay


5. Advanced Password Tips


There are several other resources for building strong passwords.


    * See more samples of strong passwords here.


    * See other personal password suggestions.


    * A FREE online password generator.


    * There are multiple drag-and-drop software tools that help you bypass hacker keylogger software.


Free tools like:


KeyWallet Password Manager


KeePass – a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way.




work well because you can avoiding typing your passwords entirely, and just let your mouse do the data entry.


    * You can also employ a digital vault like Password Safe. This kind of software creates personal “lockers” to keep all your passwords locked under a master password.


    * Or try phrasing tips for password generation.

29. July 2011

Pros and Cons of a Virtual Career Fair

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Distractions. Virtual job fair recruiting booths are staffed from the comfort of a hiring manager’s computer. That also means the possibility that recruiters or hiring managers may simply forget to sign in during the ‘live’ hours of an online job fair. To overcome this limitation, virtual job fair organizers need to obtain the buy-in of hiring managers and recruiters including blocking short spells of time on their calendars.


Overly Objective. The virtual career fair misses the combination of eye-contact and other body language that allow a job candidate to make a good first impression, or a recruiter to obtain first impressions. This is the biggest limitation of a virtual career fair – the absence of face-to-face contact, the absence of softer aspects that go into forming first impressions about a job candidate or a hiring organization’s culture. To counter this objection, one must remember that the virtual career fair is designed primarily to serve as a powerful pre-screening mechanism rather than an interview tool. Recruiters who may have at their disposal tools such as web-cams to bridge the distance, are still hesitant to use them in a virtual career fair. That is because of the gray area of repercussions relating to matters of equal employment opportunity, should a candidate not make the first cut after a virtual web-cam session. A virtual job fair is for recruiters to make instant contact with the best job candidates, no matter where they are physically located. Often, job candidates might be busy at work or located in faraway places. The virtual job fair wraps itself around their schedule, allowing them to log in and directly talk to hiring managers from the privacy of their computers for the initial screening.


Inertia about New Technologies. Recruiters and hiring managers may have an apprehension about learning to use a new tool for recruiting, no matter how simple it may be to use. This is a normal human reaction to any form of change. Look for technology that allows recruiting booth owners to add and manage their own content. A highly responsive technical support team hand-holds even the novice user. With repeated use of the platform, this issue is easily overcome.




Incredibly Convenient. The single biggest advantage of virtual job fairs in the minds of recruiters as well as job candidates and organizers that we have heard over and over again is that it is ‘extremely convenient’. A virtual booth can be set up typically within an hour. It may take some time to plan out the content in the virtual recruiting booth. However, after that it is simply point-click actions, requiring no special software downloads and no special knowledge of software programming.


No Travel. When job candidates from the military plan their return to civilian duty they can use a virtual job fair platform to connect live with recruiters even before they return home. Overseas job candidates, many from the U.S. Military, can now apply from various remote locations. Only a virtual job fair makes this possible.


Quick Turnaround Time. Change the job listings in your virtual booth with a couple of clicks, then instantly publish and preview your virtual recruiting booth. Now you are ready for your next virtual job fair. Only in a virtual job fair is such a quick turnaround time possible. Market it and promote it in any part of the world you desire using the power of social media and the Internet. With a virtual career fair, rinse-and-repeat is probably easier than doing laundry in a modern washing machine.


Virtual job fairs are definitely worth a try, and you might even be able to weave it into your regular recruiting program without straining your budget too much, because they are highly cost-effective.



Some Virtual Recruiting Providers

UBM Studios
CareerArc Group (TweetMyJobs was acquired by them)
iTradeFair (see there YouTube Infomercial)

16. November 2010

Top 10 Tool – Boolean Bar Toolbar

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The Boolean Bar Toolbar is compatible with the following Internet browsers:

– Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems
– Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, including beta versions, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems.


Examples of the some of the many search algorithms found on this toolbar: keyword skill (inurl:profile OR intitle:profile) keyword location keyword location skill skill location (“about me” OR profile) keyword keyword location location skill skill keyword skill “job title” location -how -write “job title” location profile keyword skill profile -how

KEYWORD (intitle:contact OR inurl:contact OR intitle:contactus OR inurl:contactus OR intitle:company OR inurl:company OR email OR phone) -inurl:product -inurl:scholar -inurl:books -site:edu

KEYWORD intitle:”company profile”

KEYWORD (intitle:”board of directors” OR intitle:”board members” OR inurl:investors OR intitle:investors OR intitle:”share holders” OR inurl:”share holders” OR founder OR CEO OR “chief executive officer”)

KEYWORD ( OR OR OR -(-inurl:find OR -intitle:”linkedin directory” -inurl:dir)


KEYWORD (intitle:about OR inurl:about OR intitle:aboutus OR inurl:aboutus OR intitle:profile OR inurl:profile)


KEYWORD ( OR OR OR OR OR OR inurl:search (“keywords” OR “keywords”) “title1” OR “title2” “United States” intitle:”business people” keyword skill location “job title” keyword location (inurl:people OR intitle:profile) -jobs

mailto=* OR email=* senior.auditor (atlanta OR georgia OR ga)

mailto: “” (philadelphia | wayne) Vice OR VP 212

“email * *”

(keyword 1 OR keyword 2) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list |

(“DNA sequencing” OR PCR OR metabolic) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list | intitle:~members | intitle:~directory | inurl:staff | inurl:association | inurl:board | inurl:committee | intitle:association | intitle:board | intitle:committee | intitle:staff) (email | contact) ext:xls intitle:on “San Diego” “software engineer” java -jobs

use – engineer j2ee near:”San Diego” within:100mi intitle:”on twitter” “bio * * “software engineer” ” inurl:location inurl:res “job title” (“keywords” | “keywords” | “keywords”) (inurl:contact | intitle:contact | intext:contact | email | phone)

9. August 2010

Search Tools to Maximize Your Twitter Presence

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oneforty gives you access to the very best tools that make Twitter valuable. This is your chance to find, rate, collect and share the best tools for you, and to tell the world what you’re accomplishing with Twitter. Below is a sample listing of search tools that can maximize your Twitter presence.

Addictomatic – Inhale the Web. Meta and social real time search engine that includes results from twitter, blogs, news, flickr, youtube and more. Great read more…way to track your brand, ego surf, or create a buzz dashboard with one click.
BackType – real-time search engine for news and opinions. It lets you see what people are saying about topics that interest you.
Cascaad – interest-centered social hub and networking service that helps you discover and join relevant conversations on the topics read more…that you care about. Cascaad filters your social streams based on your personal interests and recommends new content that you might like. Cascaad also organizes conversations in topics page, so that you can easily track the relevant discussions on your favorite topics and find people with similar passions. The service is accessible via our Web site and iPhone app, as well as through APIs available to third-party developer.
ChirpCity – web-based Twitter app for looking at tweets that related to a specific city. On the front page, you see a big list of US and read more…Canadian cities. If you click on a city, it shows you a list of tweets about that city, a list of tweets from that city, and at the top of the page is a row of the top Twitter users from that city. You can also search for any city you want, if your city isn’t listed on the front page.
CrowdEye – new generation of search engine which looks at the worldwide web in a new way. By tracking discussions on Twitter, we can read more…help our users find out what’s important to them right now in real time. CrowdEye has created innovative technology to scan through tweets, retweets, twitter links and more. We then provide you with powerful yet easy ways to slice, dice, summarize and categorize the data to answer your questions. Whether you’re interested in following your brand, baseball, celebrities, movies, or anything else people are talking about – CrowdEye can help you know what people are thinking.
Eventbrite – empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. It’s free to sign up and get started. read more…Attendees can add their Twitter handles when they register for events and Tweet to their followers their registration. Promote your event with a #hashtag.
FAROO – Peer-to-peer web Search Engine, that integrates Twitter search to discover discussions and people related to the query.
find2follow – minimalistic approach to finding people you may like to follow on Twitter. It’s free, fun, and safe! No sign-in, no sign-up, just read more…one textbox and a button. Interesting twitterers just 1-click away. It also has an anti-celebrity filter that makes the search result set even more relevant to you. Enjoy!
GovTwit Directory – World’s largest government social media directory, highlighting government agencies worldwide using Twitter.
LazyTweet – service akin to Yahoo Answers, albeit one which doesn’t require the user to sign up. It expands the question’s reach beyond read more…Twitter, to the number of users using LazyTweet. LazyTweet allows the user to ask any question to the community from the comfort of his Twitter account without any hassle of signing up and linking it. It’s as simple as sending a Tweet to LazyTweet.
ListiMonkey – Google Alerts meets Twitter Lists Receive hourly or daily a digest of the tweets from any given Twitter List.
LocaFollow – locate Twitter users by searching in their Bio and Location fields. – It is powered by the Google Search Engine, so read more…you don’t need to add yourself to the site, Google will find you, and LocaFollow going to consult your profile details using the Twitter API. – You can see all the user details including his last tweet, without need of more “info buttons”. – You can authenticate through the OAuth protocol at, so we won’t need your passwords. – You can follow all the users in you search results by a simple click of the “Bulk Follow” button. – The first time you enter, LocaFollow going to geo-localize your IP and will show you a lot of Twitter users in your city. – Since results comes from Google, the order will be the same at Google search result pages. That’s why will be very important that you SEO optimize your Twitter profile to appear as the first in the results for your location or by some keywords in your Bio. – You know that sometimes Twitter API get down, we won’t abandon you, LocaFollow will show you the information about the Twitter profiles that is stored at the Google databases. – All the work is done with javascript at the client side, that’s way you will have a nice user experience without need to reload the page.
Mippin – fastest and easiest way to get your favorite web content on your mobile phone. Whether you want to follow breaking news or read more…tech updates, from big publishers or tiny blogs, Mippin brings them all seamlessly together in the perfect format for your phone. You can quickly search and browse, see what others are reading and share your own discoveries. And Mippin is smart: it remembers exactly what you like and delivers automatic one-click updates. Just type into your mobile browser and see just how quick and easy the web becomes.
MWD Mobile – Twitter client for mobile phones. Features: * Direct Messages -Send and Receive direct messages * Replies – Check replies read more…from others * Search – looking for something specific? * Followers, Following, Public TimeLine, Private Timeline
My Twitter Cloud – Search interesting Twitter people, brands or companies from all the world. Search your favorite topics, hobbies, business.
nsyght – monitor and search your twitter and facebook social graph in real time. nsyght supports threaded discussions, read more…embedding of popular videos and photos, easy tools to post and share items – even across networks, and powerful search and filtering of your social graph.
OneRiot – realtime search engine, helps users find the news, blogs and videos that people are buzzing about. By indexing fresh web content read more…as it emerges, then ordering it to reflect current social relevance, OneRiot results answer the question: what is happening right now?
Rally – finds tweets where your friends mention upcoming plans, and puts them on a single page so you can easily find out what’s going on.
Scoopler – real-time search engine. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness read more…reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more. When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time.
Searchtastic – Twitter search engine that: Searches “historical” tweets from months ago. Exports search results to Excel. Expands read more…shortened URLs. Allows searches for a particular user and the people that user follows. Shows popular topics during the last 24 hours in a hash tag cloud.
Social Collider – reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter. One can search for usernames or topics, which are tracked read more…through time and visualized much like the way a particle collider draws pictures of subatomic matter.
SocialWhoIs – is to Twitter and FriendFeed what “Who Is” is to web sites and IP addresses. It reveals who you should follow and why – based on relevance read more…and not popularity. SocialWhoIs gives you a snapshot of any given user name with links to their assumed social network profiles, related keywords/topics, as well as a “home base” link. You can also search tags to identify individuals worth following and potentially engaging.
Sparsely – is just like twitter search except it only indexes the tweets of the people you follow. You can see trends based on your friends read more…tweets, and search the history of their tweets. We also geocode their tweets so you can view them on a map.
Summizer – Twitter Search App for the iPhone. Summizer quickly and easily tracks Twitter and follows the trends you care about. Summizer read more…allows you to save your search terms for 1 touch access later. Use Summizer to watch what people are saying about a topic in real time, check user opinions about your new product feature, or see how people are reacting to a major event.
Tagalus – dictionary of hashtags. Users can contribute definitions, vote on definitions, and decide which best describes the given tag. read more…In addition, you can send a message to @tagalus along with the word “define” followed by a hashtag in order to receive a definition via @reply
TagWalk – Twitter-powered Reputation and Recommendation Engine. It wanders around Twitter and the web discovering noteworthy things and read more…maps the connections between them. Use it to research users, hashtags and discover new things.
twazzup – Search twitter. Get real insights on different hot topics
Tweefind – search Twitter and displays results ordered according to a rank assigned to users. This rank (Tweerank) depends on how read more…popular/relevant/active those users are on Twitter. The higher this rank is, the more authority a user has. The Tweerank is assigned by an algorithm / spider working 24/7 and changes dinamically depending on how much a Twitter user is engaging.
Tweepfind – search for interesting Twitter users based on keywords on their profile. It shows them ordered by Tweerank, a rank that read more…measures how “engaging” a user is on Twitter (same used in
TweepSearch – Search your Twitter friends and followers by their bio! Also search over 11m Twitter profiles. Another Twitter app (see by @dacort.
Tweetag – Browse the twittosphere with nested tagclouds and never miss any raising trend related to your favorite topics
TweetRiver – Filter out the noise, select the absolute best tweets, and embed them on your website.
Twendz – Twitter mining web application that utilizes the power of Twitter Search, highlighting conversation themes and sentiment of the read more…tweets that talk about topics you are interested in. As the conversation changes, so does twendz by evaluating up to 70 tweets at a time. When new tweets are posted, they are dynamically updated, minute by minute.
Twhois – twitter whois tool, able to give detailed information about a certain user. Using thwois it is possible to get both read more…professional data (Complete name, Job position and company) and social networks habits (same user profiles on Digg, StumbleUpon, Google, Flickr, Facebook and so on) of desired users. All data provided are gathered directly from public profiles around the web and are continuously updated. Moreover, logging in via twitter API, it is possible to edit your own profile, adding information or editing existing ones.
Twiangulate – Find new people to follow by seeing who three tweeps (your friends or enemies) follow in common.
TwitDir – Twitter directory, no more. You are looking for someone, something? Just type a few words in the search engine. Enjoy!
TwitterJobSearch – provides contextual search solutions that analyze, organize and extend the reach of job opportunities. TwitterJobSearch read more…looks at the content of every tweet in context to determine its intent and break out filterable data. Getting beyond the 140 character limit of Twitter by going beyond the tweet, the technology also looks at biography information and crawls destination URLs to find additional information and context.
Twtvite – simple event organizer. Create a tweeup. Invite your tweeple via a short url. Manage RSVPs. Search for tweetups in your city. No username/read more…password required. (By @twtapps)
YourVersion – real-time discovery engine that continuously discovers new and relevant web content tailored to your specific interests in read more…real-time. YourVersion also lets you easily share that content with your friends through email, Facebook and Twitter.

31. July 2010

FreeWare for Innovative Recruiters

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Speak-A-Message – enables you to send voice emails, using your default email client. The program provides a simple recording interface and automatically attaches the WMA compressed recording to an outgoing message. The program also includes a Speech-to-text features that can automatically transcribe a voice message to text. If you are using Outlook, Speak-A-Message will integrate directly with your email toolbar.

OutWit – is a web collection engine that integrates with Firefox and allows you to browse through and easily grab information, collect media, contacts or files from the Internet. With or without programming or technical knowledge, you can create automatic agents to gather and format the information you seek. OutWit is composed of a kernel, containing the library of functions and of an API, which will allow advanced users to build and distribute their own original tools -called outfits- using the features of the kernel for specific applications. The first outfit, OutWit Hub, is a multi-purpose development tool, meant to showcase a large number of the kernel`s features, to cover a large spectrum of needs.

TwitterBackup – is a simple Java application that enables you to backup all the tweets in your Twitter account and save them as .XML file to your computer. You can supply the output file name and configure a proxy server if needed.

Flock – is a Mozilla based web browser that integrates sharing of photos, Favorites, news and blogging into the browser interface. It currently supports Flickr, Photobucket,, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, LiveJournal and other online services, as well as any RSS feed. You can easily subscribe to any website that offers RSS feeds and read/manage your feeds directly from within Flock. Other features include drag and drop photo sharing and a powerful web search toolbar that searches a variety of online resources simultaneously and returns a quick glance at the most relevant results.

Sylpheed – is a lightweight, yet feature packed, email program that offers all the standard functionality of an email client along with many additional features, such as integrated Bayesian spam filtering, email templates, PGP support, mail processing rules and filters, support for external commands, and more. The program supports POP3, IMAP4rev1 and SMTP, NNTP (NetNews),IPv6 and encrypted communication over SSL/TLSv1. Other features include import/export (eml and Unix mbox format), extensive internationalization and multilingualization support, email search, and more.

Thunderbird – is a full featured email program with built-in junk mail controls, message filters, address book, news groups and more. It offers a clean and easy to use (customizable) interface. Thunderbird also offers security features such as S/MIME, digital signing, message encryption, support for certificates and security devices. Other features include IMAP/POP compatibility, support for HTML mail, labels, quick search, return receipts, LDAP address completion, import tools and more.

Auto Web Browser – is a web search tool, that queries major search engines for the keywords you enter, and automatically downloads the resulting pages to your computer, and automatically surfs further, downloading other potentially interesting pages that were linked from the search engine results. The downloaded pages are organized in a tree view and by search engine, and you can quickly view them, since they are already pre-loaded. The program also allows you to load a list of URLs, and automatically pre-load all of them, so you can quickly browse through them.

21. April 2010

Top 10 Tool – More Metasearch Engines

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PolyMeta is an advanced Web 2.0 meta-search (federated search) and clustering engine. It enables organizations and individuals to simultaneously search diverse information resources on the Web with a common interface. The search results are merged, ranked and presented in relevance order.

Choose Select Sources and check all the search engines below.


Also, try out the AllPlus Meta Search and Discovery Engine which is based on PolyMeta.

With Zuula, it is quick and convenient to get results from all the top search engines. Search engines often return very different results for the same terms. Currently, it offers Web, Image, Video, News, Blog, and Job searches and provides the results from your favorite search engine unaltered, so you can check those first and then get results from other search engines simply by clicking on their tabs.

Choose Preferences to pick all the search engines. Set your results to 60 per page


Try this sample search string: +”top secret/sci” +clearance resume OR “my resume” OR vitae -recruiter -job -jobs -submit -apply -”looking for” -recruiting -hiring -send -”email to” -”email resume” -opening -”to resume”

31. December 2009

Top 10 Tool – AutoSearch

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A-list candidates are a recruiter’s market. Hence, the science for discovering these folks, their resume, profile, contact info, and anything else should be reclassified as performing market intelligence. To be an effective and productive analyst, it can take an enormous amount of time in a workday to collect all the necessary leads. So discovering tools that can greatly reduce the time to perform this market intelligence is a godsend to any recruiter. One such new tool on the market is AutoSearch. It does a variety of tasks in the public domain that makes sourcing fun and productive. It scours LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Plaxo, Xing, Spoke, and Jobster business networking sites as well as the Twitter, Ning, Facebook, and MySpace social networking sites. This tool also employs other web-based research sites such as Mail Tester,, Google, Whitepages, and to best leverage your time.

9. December 2009

Top 10 Tool – Glance

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If all the major competitors for the same product offer their service at the same cost, what sets them apart? I believe the answer is ease of use or simplicity. Glance offers one-click screen sharing, and I mean one-click. No software to download, or embedded program pop-ups. I was recently invited to attend a product demo for a new resume search tool and all I did was enter in a user code. The remaining information like name and contact details were optional. In less than a second, I was watching the demo.  Just for reference, here is the pricing and basic service details for 3 major web-conferencing/meeting products. – $49.95/mo
one-click screen sharing
# Unlimited online meetings
# Up to 100 participants per meeting – $49/mo
# Unlimited online meetings
# Up to 25 participants per meeting – $49/mo
# Unlimited online meetings
# Up to 15 participants per meeting

Top 10 Tool – ReferYes Sourcer

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A free passive and active candidate sourcing tool to find resumes and candidate profiles on top social networks and search engines. (e.g., Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ZoomInfo). ReferYes provides tools for sourcers and recruiters to help them find candidates online. Now, you don’t have to be a Boolean expert or familiar with the X-Ray search techniques to source candidates. It also includes an automated advanced search strings developed by search experts to find resumes and candidate profiles on the web.

6. December 2009

Top 10 Tool – Free Resumes

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Find free resumes on the Internet using the eGrabber widget below. A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be easily installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page without requiring additional coding..


2. December 2009

Top 10 Tool – BlackWidow

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BlackWidow Search Engine Spider is an internal website spidering utility that will index your entire web server and create an ASCII output file of urls. Explores subdirectory structures.  The script runs and creates a flatfile database of every single url on your server.

Top 10 Tool – QuickBooks

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In these tough times, it’s great to find a totally free and great addition to track your income and expenditures. It’s so easy to use. With Intuit QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition 2009, you’ll spend more time growing your business and making money, not bookkeeping. Track sales & expenses for up to 20 customers. Instantly create invoices, pay bills, & print checks. Organize finances in one place. Stay organized. Track the money flowing in and out of your business. Know who it comes from and where it goes. Simple Start Free keeps sales, expense, and customer information in one place, so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it. Be ready at tax time. As you complete everyday transactions, you’ll be automatically tracking tax-related income and expenses, making tax time a snap. Simple to learn and use. Get started quickly. Step-by-step tutorials show you how to create invoices, record expenses, and more.

Top 10 Tool – BrownRecluse

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BrownRecluse is a programmable spider. It lets you pull and/or download web pages or files and save or display them to your hard drive in just a few lines of simple code. It is also used to scan web sites and process the information retrieved, and optionally, create databases of the processed information. It lets you scan and manipulate the data in every way possible. Unlike normal spiders, it does not need filters, options and plugins to accomplish a task. You program it to make it do just what you want. It lets you write your own scripts, or download already made scripts from their web site.

30. November 2009

Top 10 Tool – Essential Recruiting Software

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Does staying ahead of the technology curve really place the Internet Recruiter at the front of the pack? The answer lies in how difficult, confusing, or time consuming the entry was into cyberspace. There are so many criteria to consider like the type of Internet service provider to use, how to protect your bread-and-butter candidate database, controlling what goes on your company web site, how to use all the newfangled software in this world, and how to jump in and use the correct charm or netiquette to produced the desired results.

In the 21st century, working smarter means using easy to understand tools that everyone can use, but still pack a powerful punch. Here is a suggested process with examples of powerful applications that are simple to work with, can greatly save you time and resources, and don’t require you to mortgage your business.

Targeting Your Audience

Your job description should give you enough information to determine the skill sets and specific location for the work. Use a search engine to identify groups, associations, companies, user groups, blogs, etc. where you would likely find this talent. If your company has purchased access to one or more fee-based resume services, you can also search these databases for candidates matching your criteria.

Meta-search tool for both fee-based and free resume sources – Platinum Recruiter –

Meta-search tool for free resume sources – Copernic Agent Professional –

Aggregator for identifying multiple sources of passive contacts from URLs – Broadlook ProfilerX –

Aggregator for identifying multiple sources of passive contacts from using search engines – Broadlook Diver –

Extracting Your Contacts

It can be very time consuming to copy and paste email addresses from resumes or lists, or any document that contains them.
EMail Address Pro –

Scrubbing Your List

When pursuing less than active job seekers, it is common that their contact information may have changed or is unreachable. To avoid straining your mail server or possibly being blacklisted as a spammer, it’s important that you daily clean and verify your contacts.

Advanced Maillist Verify –

E-Mail Communication

The most used application for sending individual emails is Microsoft Outlook. An excellent mail application, but not yet designed to handle personalized and large quantity broadcasts. Use of the blind copy (bcc) method is not recommended or proven to be totally safe and reliable.

Email blasting to an unlimited number of addresses – Platinum Recruiter –

Filtering Undeliverable/Do Not Send

All external email sent out should give the receiver the ability to opt-out or unsubscribe from any future mailings. Similarly, get in the habit of collecting all mail that is returned as undeliverable.

EMail Address Pro –

Indexing Your Results

Over time, you will amass both a large collection of resumes and contacts. The easiest program to track your contacts is Microsoft Excel. However, for resumes, you will need a robust relational database, that is not an applicant tracking system, which can index resumes in almost any format, located anywhere on your computer and/or network drives.

dtSearch Desktop with Spider –

28. November 2009

Top 10 Tool – Advanced Maillist Verify

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When pursuing less than active job seekers, it is common that their contact information may have changed or is unreachable. To avoid straining your mail server or possibly being blacklisted as a spammer, it’s important that you daily clean and verify your contacts. Advanced Maillist Verify is a program that verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in databases, address books and mailing lists.


Top 10 Tool – Diver

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Broadlook Technologies’ Diver was built for the recruiter who uses search engines to find candidates and contacts. Part browser, part high speed information parser; Diver rips through search engine results pages.


Diver’s built to work just like you do, using popular search engines as a data source. So, whether you merely “google for resumes” or you’re a boolean string expert, you can easily use Diver.


Simply put your search criteria into the engine like you normally do and conduct a search.


Diver then scans through each result link, and pulls out all contact, and resume information.


You can then export the information to your CRM, ATS, or even Excel, or Outlook. You can even save favorite searches as ‘bookmarks’ and run them on a continual basis.

Top 10 Tool – cBizOne

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Customer Service: Even the best technology has little value unless users adopt it eagerly and enthusiastically through the help of multi-tiered support for its users.


cBizSoft utilizes a ticketing system for support.  Users either email support or enter their issue on their web site and a ticket is automatically created.  The ticket is then assigned to an available service representative for resolution.  First response is usually within 5-6 minutes and resolution time depends on the issue.  They provide support via email, phone and web cast session.  They include customer support at no cost to the user.


Speed/Security: Everyone has felt the frustration of working with slow or unsafe technology that holds you back from accomplishing your pressing work.


Speed:  cBizOne has the fastest search capability in the industry, hands-down.  Their live search bar can find any record in the database with just a few characters entered.  Also, they are one of the few vendors that allow a client to host the database on their LAN, if they choose.  No browser-based system can touch the speed of running an application on the LAN.


Security:  cBizOne is user name and password protected at the application level and the database level.  Also, each client has their own database and is not part of one large database.  With regards to their hosted solution, their data center partner has the following security in place:


Facility/Security: Their primary Data Center is located inside of an 18-floor, all steel frame, secure building known as the Bandwidth Exchange Building. It is one of the largest telecommunications facilities in the central region of the United States. Most of the major carriers – such as AT&T, MCI, Verizon, Qwest, Level3, Southwestern Bell and others have facilities at this same location.


Their 22,000 square foot Data Center can accommodate large server farms, data cages, and even private suites. They maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections into four of the top five Internet backbone carriers, including AT&T, MCI/Verizon (UUNET), Qwest, and Level3.


The building receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic failover capabilities. The Network80 Data Center maintains level current and short term power backup through a complex UPS system, and protects against possible long-term power failures with two 1.5 megawatt diesel generators. Ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.


Equipment is protected by a pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression system. A high level of physical security is maintained through a five level system that includes access codes, a security guard station, biometric hand scanners, electronic proximity readers and security cameras. Network security is maintained by redundant firewalls and a proactive intrusion detection system. Their firewalls only allow needed traffic through to the appropriate application servers.


Backup Availability: Backups are taken off hours and all systems stay online and accessible during the backup operation. Backups are taken nightly and stored locally on the network for easy recovery. Offsite backups are performed weekly and can also be recalled for recovery.


Ease of Use: Having a system that is easy to use is a cornerstone of all products. What good is a platform if it’s too difficult to work with?


cBizOne is extremely intuitive and the user interface is designed to have a comfortable feel for anyone who has ever used a Microsoft application.  Features and functionality are where you would expect them.


Configurability: Configuration should be easy and swift as opposed to the complex and costly customizations that so many vendors have turned to these days.


cBizOne is fully user-customizable.  They give users the tools to make any customization they need themselves.  They only become involved if their needs are very complex or unique.  A lot of products in the industry have the look and feel of a 747 cockpit.  Because they can’t be customized easily, every piece of functionality needed across different business types and models is in your face at all times.  cBizOne can be streamlined to only have the functionality and fields you require.


Single Platform: Eliminate costly implementations and reduce the need to train users on multiple HRIS software programs by utilizing a single platform.


cBizOne is a complete front-office recruiting and sales solution.  While they don’t offer any back office features, everything a company needs to run their sales and recruiting is included.


23. November 2009

Top 10 Tool – Platinum Recruiter

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Platinum Recruiter searches hundreds of the best online resume sources and is optimized to retrieve the highest quality resumes with a robust set of search criteria.  It can also search resumes on your local hard drive, your LAN, your Web based email accounts, and many ATS databases.  And they are continually adding, updating, and fine-tuning to give you the most complete, accurate set of resume sources available.


Unmatched Precision – retrieves, analyzes, and screens  every resume it finds using powerful search capabilities.  It  scores and highlights the text using your key terms,  and automatically extracts location and email address information.  Resumes can be sorted by relavance, location, and source with a single mouse click.  And the results can be refined locally with new search criteria without having to repeat the Internet search.

Automated Searching – lets you set up agents to automatically find and organize resumes.  For example, you can tell Platinum Recruiter to run a variety of searches overnight, save your results, and export the resumes into your ATS automatically.  All of the results found by scheduled searches are saved, and available to review and refine later.

Smart Integration – integrates with desktop, enterprise  and web applications.  Do you need to contact your prospective candidates via email?  With Platinum Recruiter, you can create email message templates and send batch emails to all candidates that meet your criteria in just a few mouse clicks.  Already have a batch email solution?  You can import and export your contact email addresses  between Platinum Recruiter and other mailing systems.  Do you use an Applicant Tracking System?  Platinum Recruiter not only lets you search many leading ATSs for candidates, it also lets you export resumes into your ATS by file, direct web access, or email.

Top 10 Tool – ePrompter

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ePrompter automatically and simultaneously checks and retrieves your email messages from up to 16 password protected email accounts such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Earthlink,, Excite, iName, Juno, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, POP3, OneBox, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo, Switchboard, and hundreds of other email domains. Once new messages have been retrieved, it notifies you which accounts have new messages and how many new messages you have in each account. The notification features include a unique rotating tray icon, the main screen, audio alerts for new messages, and a choice of five unique screensavers that let you know at a glance the number of new messages in each account. And with a simple click on the account of your choice, you can read, delete or respond to any of your messages. You also have the ability to delete unwanted spam or suspicious looking mail – the kind that might contain viruses – without having to launch your email program or go to your web mail’s site. You can compose and send original messages, as well as forward or reply to your retrieved messages, again without having to launch separate email programs. It’s so easy to set up and use, you’ll have it up and running in minutes.

Top 10 Tool – dtSearch

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Your sourcing team is on its A-game, identifying over 200 resumes each day that match a basic keyword search.  Your fee-based databases are matching your opportunities to job seekers who are also sending you their resumes, based on either the job seeker’s basic search criteria or the job database resume agent. At the end of the day, you’ve got a ton of resumes. Wow, your managers must be singing your praises.

Then I remember an article Dr. John Sullivan  posted on in January 2000, called “Torture By Resume”.

The “Wow” factor will soon stop when you’ve amassed a thousand resumes in one week and now have to sort through them all to determine which can move on for review by your hiring managers. Do you enter them all into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? If so, who is going to do this Herculean administrative task? If you’re a government contractor and you do put them in your ATS, then will you be hit with the double whammy of collecting OFCCP data, another time-consuming task.

But wait – don’t despair. There is a solution which is very inexpensive, incredibly robust, used by many of the who’s who in the industry, and will greatly reduce your time in processing and identifying those “A-List” candidates that should be entered into your ATS.

This solution has been one of my Top 10 Tools since I first discovered it in 1997 and have been blushing over it ever since. It is called dtSearch, and it can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site.

I personally maintain my own “database” of over one million resumes. It’s not really a database, but several folders on my computer where I store either individual file resumes in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Word, Ascii text, Rich Text Format, Adobe PDF, HTML, etc., or just zip or compress thousands of them into one file. Regardless, dtSearch can easily index all these formats and return the product(s) of your search in seconds.

The features of dtSearch are mind blowing. For most recruiters this may seem daunting. But they offer a very easy to understand “How-To” animated demo and their incredible free telephone technical support takes me back to my WordPerfect days.

So, before you invest any more time in parsing all those “found” or “collected” resumes into your ATS, consider just storing them on your computer or network shared drive, and only pull out those that match your discerning criteria to be entered into your ATS.

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