Top 10 Tool – Platinum Recruiter

Platinum Recruiter searches hundreds of the best online resume sources and is optimized to retrieve the highest quality resumes with a robust set of search criteria.  It can also search resumes on your local hard drive, your LAN, your Web based email accounts, and many ATS databases.  And they are continually adding, updating, and fine-tuning to give you the most complete, accurate set of resume sources available.


Unmatched Precision – retrieves, analyzes, and screens  every resume it finds using powerful search capabilities.  It  scores and highlights the text using your key terms,  and automatically extracts location and email address information.  Resumes can be sorted by relavance, location, and source with a single mouse click.  And the results can be refined locally with new search criteria without having to repeat the Internet search.

Automated Searching – lets you set up agents to automatically find and organize resumes.  For example, you can tell Platinum Recruiter to run a variety of searches overnight, save your results, and export the resumes into your ATS automatically.  All of the results found by scheduled searches are saved, and available to review and refine later.

Smart Integration – integrates with desktop, enterprise  and web applications.  Do you need to contact your prospective candidates via email?  With Platinum Recruiter, you can create email message templates and send batch emails to all candidates that meet your criteria in just a few mouse clicks.  Already have a batch email solution?  You can import and export your contact email addresses  between Platinum Recruiter and other mailing systems.  Do you use an Applicant Tracking System?  Platinum Recruiter not only lets you search many leading ATSs for candidates, it also lets you export resumes into your ATS by file, direct web access, or email.