Top 10 Tool – dtSearch

Your sourcing team is on its A-game, identifying over 200 resumes each day that match a basic keyword search.  Your fee-based databases are matching your opportunities to job seekers who are also sending you their resumes, based on either the job seeker’s basic search criteria or the job database resume agent. At the end of the day, you’ve got a ton of resumes. Wow, your managers must be singing your praises.

Then I remember an article Dr. John Sullivan  posted on in January 2000, called “Torture By Resume”.

The “Wow” factor will soon stop when you’ve amassed a thousand resumes in one week and now have to sort through them all to determine which can move on for review by your hiring managers. Do you enter them all into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? If so, who is going to do this Herculean administrative task? If you’re a government contractor and you do put them in your ATS, then will you be hit with the double whammy of collecting OFCCP data, another time-consuming task.

But wait – don’t despair. There is a solution which is very inexpensive, incredibly robust, used by many of the who’s who in the industry, and will greatly reduce your time in processing and identifying those “A-List” candidates that should be entered into your ATS.

This solution has been one of my Top 10 Tools since I first discovered it in 1997 and have been blushing over it ever since. It is called dtSearch, and it can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site.

I personally maintain my own “database” of over one million resumes. It’s not really a database, but several folders on my computer where I store either individual file resumes in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Word, Ascii text, Rich Text Format, Adobe PDF, HTML, etc., or just zip or compress thousands of them into one file. Regardless, dtSearch can easily index all these formats and return the product(s) of your search in seconds.

The features of dtSearch are mind blowing. For most recruiters this may seem daunting. But they offer a very easy to understand “How-To” animated demo and their incredible free telephone technical support takes me back to my WordPerfect days.

So, before you invest any more time in parsing all those “found” or “collected” resumes into your ATS, consider just storing them on your computer or network shared drive, and only pull out those that match your discerning criteria to be entered into your ATS.