Top 10 Tool – cBizOne

Customer Service: Even the best technology has little value unless users adopt it eagerly and enthusiastically through the help of multi-tiered support for its users.


cBizSoft utilizes a ticketing system for support.  Users either email support or enter their issue on their web site and a ticket is automatically created.  The ticket is then assigned to an available service representative for resolution.  First response is usually within 5-6 minutes and resolution time depends on the issue.  They provide support via email, phone and web cast session.  They include customer support at no cost to the user.


Speed/Security: Everyone has felt the frustration of working with slow or unsafe technology that holds you back from accomplishing your pressing work.


Speed:  cBizOne has the fastest search capability in the industry, hands-down.  Their live search bar can find any record in the database with just a few characters entered.  Also, they are one of the few vendors that allow a client to host the database on their LAN, if they choose.  No browser-based system can touch the speed of running an application on the LAN.


Security:  cBizOne is user name and password protected at the application level and the database level.  Also, each client has their own database and is not part of one large database.  With regards to their hosted solution, their data center partner has the following security in place:


Facility/Security: Their primary Data Center is located inside of an 18-floor, all steel frame, secure building known as the Bandwidth Exchange Building. It is one of the largest telecommunications facilities in the central region of the United States. Most of the major carriers – such as AT&T, MCI, Verizon, Qwest, Level3, Southwestern Bell and others have facilities at this same location.


Their 22,000 square foot Data Center can accommodate large server farms, data cages, and even private suites. They maintain direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections into four of the top five Internet backbone carriers, including AT&T, MCI/Verizon (UUNET), Qwest, and Level3.


The building receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides for automatic failover capabilities. The Network80 Data Center maintains level current and short term power backup through a complex UPS system, and protects against possible long-term power failures with two 1.5 megawatt diesel generators. Ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems.


Equipment is protected by a pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression system. A high level of physical security is maintained through a five level system that includes access codes, a security guard station, biometric hand scanners, electronic proximity readers and security cameras. Network security is maintained by redundant firewalls and a proactive intrusion detection system. Their firewalls only allow needed traffic through to the appropriate application servers.


Backup Availability: Backups are taken off hours and all systems stay online and accessible during the backup operation. Backups are taken nightly and stored locally on the network for easy recovery. Offsite backups are performed weekly and can also be recalled for recovery.


Ease of Use: Having a system that is easy to use is a cornerstone of all products. What good is a platform if it’s too difficult to work with?


cBizOne is extremely intuitive and the user interface is designed to have a comfortable feel for anyone who has ever used a Microsoft application.  Features and functionality are where you would expect them.


Configurability: Configuration should be easy and swift as opposed to the complex and costly customizations that so many vendors have turned to these days.


cBizOne is fully user-customizable.  They give users the tools to make any customization they need themselves.  They only become involved if their needs are very complex or unique.  A lot of products in the industry have the look and feel of a 747 cockpit.  Because they can’t be customized easily, every piece of functionality needed across different business types and models is in your face at all times.  cBizOne can be streamlined to only have the functionality and fields you require.


Single Platform: Eliminate costly implementations and reduce the need to train users on multiple HRIS software programs by utilizing a single platform.


cBizOne is a complete front-office recruiting and sales solution.  While they don’t offer any back office features, everything a company needs to run their sales and recruiting is included.