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Top 10 Tool – Boolean Bar Toolbar | NETRECRUITER

Top 10 Tool – Boolean Bar Toolbar

The Boolean Bar Toolbar is compatible with the following Internet browsers:

– Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems
– Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, including beta versions, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems.


Examples of the some of the many search algorithms found on this toolbar:

site:360.yahoo.com keyword skill (inurl:profile OR intitle:profile)

site:weblogs.com keyword location

site:weblogger.com keyword location

site:typepad.com skill skill location (“about me” OR profile)

site:technorati.com keyword keyword location

site:blogs.msdn.com location skill skill keyword

site:wordpress.com skill “job title” location -how -write

site:livejournal.com “job title” location profile

site:xanga.com keyword skill profile -how

KEYWORD (intitle:contact OR inurl:contact OR intitle:contactus OR inurl:contactus OR intitle:company OR inurl:company OR email OR phone) -inurl:product -inurl:scholar -inurl:books -site:edu

KEYWORD site:linkedin.com intitle:”company profile”

KEYWORD (intitle:”board of directors” OR intitle:”board members” OR inurl:investors OR intitle:investors OR intitle:”share holders” OR inurl:”share holders” OR founder OR CEO OR “chief executive officer”)

KEYWORD (site:linkedin.com OR site:hoovers.com OR site:jigsaw.com OR site:zoominfo.com) -(-inurl:find OR -intitle:”linkedin directory” -inurl:dir)

KEYWORD site:spoke.com OR site:amazon.com OR site:jobster.com

KEYWORD (intitle:about OR inurl:about OR intitle:aboutus OR inurl:aboutus OR intitle:profile OR inurl:profile)

KEYWORD site:myspace.com OR site:facebook.com OR site:twitter.com

KEYWORD (site:digg.com OR site:ryze.com OR site:hi5.com OR site:plaxo.com OR site:friendster.com OR

site:wink.com OR site:xing.com)

site:www.naymz.com inurl:search (“keywords” OR “keywords”) “title1” OR “title2” “United States”

site:zoominfo.com intitle:”business people” keyword skill location

site:pipl.com “job title” keyword location (inurl:people OR intitle:profile) -jobs

mailto=*=merck.com OR email=*=@merck.com senior.auditor (atlanta OR georgia OR ga)

mailto: “@merck.com” (philadelphia | wayne) Vice OR VP 212

“email * * merck.com”

(keyword 1 OR keyword 2) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list |

(“DNA sequencing” OR PCR OR metabolic) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list | intitle:~members | intitle:~directory | inurl:staff | inurl:association | inurl:board | inurl:committee | intitle:association | intitle:board | intitle:committee | intitle:staff) (email | contact) ext:xls

site:twitter.com intitle:on “San Diego” “software engineer” java -jobs

use search.twitter.com – engineer j2ee near:”San Diego” within:100mi

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter” “bio * * “software engineer” ”

site:craigslist.org inurl:location inurl:res “job title” (“keywords” | “keywords” | “keywords”) (inurl:contact | intitle:contact | intext:contact | email | phone)


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