Top 10 Tool – AutoSearch

A-list candidates are a recruiter’s market. Hence, the science for discovering these folks, their resume, profile, contact info, and anything else should be reclassified as performing market intelligence. To be an effective and productive analyst, it can take an enormous amount of time in a workday to collect all the necessary leads. So discovering tools that can greatly reduce the time to perform this market intelligence is a godsend to any recruiter. One such new tool on the market is AutoSearch. It does a variety of tasks in the public domain that makes sourcing fun and productive. It scours LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Plaxo, Xing, Spoke, and Jobster business networking sites as well as the Twitter, Ning, Facebook, and MySpace social networking sites. This tool also employs other web-based research sites such as Mail Tester,, Google, Whitepages, and to best leverage your time.