Top 10 Technique – The Power of the Word “Resume”

How many resumes can be found using Google? A bunch! The same is true for most any other search engine. My research revealed that when searching for nothing more than any one of the following versions of the word resume, over 3.6 billion were found. Now, of course, there was no additional filtering to remove jobs or other keywords that would return only true resumes, but the potential results far outstrip anything you could find using all the fee-based resume boards.

Variations on the word Resume

vitæ, resumé, rèsumé, rèsumè, resume, résumé, résumè, CV, vitae, vita

Going one step further, I further refined the search with this algorithm:

(~resumé|~rèsumé|~rèsumè|~résumé|~resume) -intitle:~job -intitle:~jobs -apply -submit -job -jobs -template -“resume writing” -“resume sample”

This produces over 170 million results. However, this is still much too large to work with. Your challenge is to introduce a variety of keywords to further refine your results. All the best.