Top 10 Technique – Search Google by Area Code

(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) j2ee polygraph (virginia OR va) 703


Using the following template (for Google) would improve things by getting rid of resumes with street addresses led by 703, etc.:


(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) j2ee polygraph (virginia OR va) *703*-*-*


The search algorithms change over time, of course, and so while that template may have helped then, it doesn’t now. Thus his question is worth revisiting.


You want to eliminate not only apartment/suite numbers matching your area code, but things like house numbers, sites that blind resumes (e.g., just show “Area Code: 703”), etc.


Do a narrow test search for the positive case, i.e., try to find the thing you want to eliminate with other narrow criteria so you only get a few results. This way, you can quickly scan to see if your fix is successful.


For example, try


(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) j2ee 703.*.street




(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) j2ee 703.*.st


and see if/how the results differ.


Since 703.*.street yields different results than 703.*.st , you must account for both in searches (hardly anybody uses Av for Avenue, so Ave is the only alternative needed). Similarly, very few resumes include the Ste abbreviation for Suite, so 10 Downing St., Suite 703 is sufficient for that NOT-type search. Ditto for Cir as an unnecessary abbreviation for Circle.


Again, before I receive complaint emails, let me clarify: I know the word “Ste” appears on web pages. But if you’re searching for individual resumes, the number of appearances of Ste (or even Suite, for that matter) is insignificant. Make sure to run the same kind of search as your desired search.


Unfortunately, Google doesn’t let you eliminate the number in a list (e.g., 703 644 …) with -703.644, nor does it differentiate between #703 and 703 (see for yourself), so there’s no point in trying to eliminate results with content formatted in those ways. Ditto for the inability to rid of 703 results where it’s the local phone prefix (e.g., 703-555-1234).


Also, using Dr as an abbreviation for Drive is problematic, because it tends to include people whose resumes have your desired area code number in it, but used in a different way, and within a few words is Dr., as in the Doctor abbreviation. You can eliminate good results using that, so just stick with Drive, to be safe (the number of extraneous results added is trivial).


Here is a way to avoid page number references. This yields the following template (substitute your desired state/province name, abbreviation and area code for those values below, as well as any skill terms):


(intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) j2ee (virginia OR va) 703 -area.code.703 -page.703 -pp.703 -703.*.st -703.*.street -703.*.rd -703.*.road -703.*.ave -703.*.avenue -703.*.drive -703.*.circle


The last NOT term is to eliminate results from, which blinds resume results.


Using Google Alerts, you can set multiple searches for each state/area code combination you want. You may need to create additional strings if you’re adding more than a few skill and/or job title keywords, anyway, since this template is close to Google’s 32 keyword/string limit.


This search string template is geared to Google. It is not the only way to find resumes on Google, nor is Google the only place you should search for resumes, so adapt this template accordingly. The results overlap between the search engines is surprisingly and extremely low. In other words, the same search on different search engines pulls up entirely different candidates! Don’t only search one engine.


Even if you search PageBites for resumes, which pulls resumes off the web using Google (PageBites created a Google API), it yields completely different results than the above Google template. For example, try j2ee (keywords) and Fairfax, VA 22033 USA (default searches 50 mi. radius) on PageBites. Unfortunately, some of PageBites’ resumes are not in the Dallas area (e.g., it pulls a French postal code, a past employer location, etc.) and it includes some blinded-type results (e.g., which you can’t eliminate.

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