Top 10 Technique – Google Search Algorithms

Find a List on Google:  <keyword> List OR listing OR directory OR members OR staff OR attendance OR membership OR members

Find a Company:  <keyword> corp OR llc OR corporation OR inc OR incorporated

Find a Member Directory:  <keyword> phone AND email AND (brown OR johnson OR jones OR smith OR white OR williams) AND (members OR member)

Find a Person:  (email OR mailto OR phone) “<keyword>”

Find a Tradeshow:  <keyword> Tradeshow OR Expo OR convention OR Event OR symposium OR conference

Find an Association:  <keyword> association OR society OR organization OR center OR consortium

Find an Org Chart:  <keyword> (chart phone email (org OR organization OR organizational or orgchart)) filetype:doc OR filetype:opx OR filetype:pdf

Find a Resume-1:  inurl:resume intitle:resume <keyword>

Find a Resume-2:  (intitle:resume | intitle:”my resume” | intitle:”resume of”) inurl:base intext:<keyword>

Find a Resume-3:  (objective OR summary) education (“<keyword>” OR “<keyword>”) “<keyword>” “<keyword>”