Search Tools to Maximize Your Twitter Presence

oneforty gives you access to the very best tools that make Twitter valuable. This is your chance to find, rate, collect and share the best tools for you, and to tell the world what you’re accomplishing with Twitter. Below is a sample listing of search tools that can maximize your Twitter presence.

Addictomatic – Inhale the Web. Meta and social real time search engine that includes results from twitter, blogs, news, flickr, youtube and more. Great read more…way to track your brand, ego surf, or create a buzz dashboard with one click.
BackType – real-time search engine for news and opinions. It lets you see what people are saying about topics that interest you.
Cascaad – interest-centered social hub and networking service that helps you discover and join relevant conversations on the topics read more…that you care about. Cascaad filters your social streams based on your personal interests and recommends new content that you might like. Cascaad also organizes conversations in topics page, so that you can easily track the relevant discussions on your favorite topics and find people with similar passions. The service is accessible via our Web site and iPhone app, as well as through APIs available to third-party developer.
ChirpCity – web-based Twitter app for looking at tweets that related to a specific city. On the front page, you see a big list of US and read more…Canadian cities. If you click on a city, it shows you a list of tweets about that city, a list of tweets from that city, and at the top of the page is a row of the top Twitter users from that city. You can also search for any city you want, if your city isn’t listed on the front page.
CrowdEye – new generation of search engine which looks at the worldwide web in a new way. By tracking discussions on Twitter, we can read more…help our users find out what’s important to them right now in real time. CrowdEye has created innovative technology to scan through tweets, retweets, twitter links and more. We then provide you with powerful yet easy ways to slice, dice, summarize and categorize the data to answer your questions. Whether you’re interested in following your brand, baseball, celebrities, movies, or anything else people are talking about – CrowdEye can help you know what people are thinking.
Eventbrite – empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. It’s free to sign up and get started. read more…Attendees can add their Twitter handles when they register for events and Tweet to their followers their registration. Promote your event with a #hashtag.
FAROO – Peer-to-peer web Search Engine, that integrates Twitter search to discover discussions and people related to the query.
find2follow – minimalistic approach to finding people you may like to follow on Twitter. It’s free, fun, and safe! No sign-in, no sign-up, just read more…one textbox and a button. Interesting twitterers just 1-click away. It also has an anti-celebrity filter that makes the search result set even more relevant to you. Enjoy!
GovTwit Directory – World’s largest government social media directory, highlighting government agencies worldwide using Twitter.
LazyTweet – service akin to Yahoo Answers, albeit one which doesn’t require the user to sign up. It expands the question’s reach beyond read more…Twitter, to the number of users using LazyTweet. LazyTweet allows the user to ask any question to the community from the comfort of his Twitter account without any hassle of signing up and linking it. It’s as simple as sending a Tweet to LazyTweet.
ListiMonkey – Google Alerts meets Twitter Lists Receive hourly or daily a digest of the tweets from any given Twitter List.
LocaFollow – locate Twitter users by searching in their Bio and Location fields. – It is powered by the Google Search Engine, so read more…you don’t need to add yourself to the site, Google will find you, and LocaFollow going to consult your profile details using the Twitter API. – You can see all the user details including his last tweet, without need of more “info buttons”. – You can authenticate through the OAuth protocol at, so we won’t need your passwords. – You can follow all the users in you search results by a simple click of the “Bulk Follow” button. – The first time you enter, LocaFollow going to geo-localize your IP and will show you a lot of Twitter users in your city. – Since results comes from Google, the order will be the same at Google search result pages. That’s why will be very important that you SEO optimize your Twitter profile to appear as the first in the results for your location or by some keywords in your Bio. – You know that sometimes Twitter API get down, we won’t abandon you, LocaFollow will show you the information about the Twitter profiles that is stored at the Google databases. – All the work is done with javascript at the client side, that’s way you will have a nice user experience without need to reload the page.
Mippin – fastest and easiest way to get your favorite web content on your mobile phone. Whether you want to follow breaking news or read more…tech updates, from big publishers or tiny blogs, Mippin brings them all seamlessly together in the perfect format for your phone. You can quickly search and browse, see what others are reading and share your own discoveries. And Mippin is smart: it remembers exactly what you like and delivers automatic one-click updates. Just type into your mobile browser and see just how quick and easy the web becomes.
MWD Mobile – Twitter client for mobile phones. Features: * Direct Messages -Send and Receive direct messages * Replies – Check replies read more…from others * Search – looking for something specific? * Followers, Following, Public TimeLine, Private Timeline
My Twitter Cloud – Search interesting Twitter people, brands or companies from all the world. Search your favorite topics, hobbies, business.
nsyght – monitor and search your twitter and facebook social graph in real time. nsyght supports threaded discussions, read more…embedding of popular videos and photos, easy tools to post and share items – even across networks, and powerful search and filtering of your social graph.
OneRiot – realtime search engine, helps users find the news, blogs and videos that people are buzzing about. By indexing fresh web content read more…as it emerges, then ordering it to reflect current social relevance, OneRiot results answer the question: what is happening right now?
Rally – finds tweets where your friends mention upcoming plans, and puts them on a single page so you can easily find out what’s going on.
Scoopler – real-time search engine. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness read more…reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more. When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time.
Searchtastic – Twitter search engine that: Searches “historical” tweets from months ago. Exports search results to Excel. Expands read more…shortened URLs. Allows searches for a particular user and the people that user follows. Shows popular topics during the last 24 hours in a hash tag cloud.
Social Collider – reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter. One can search for usernames or topics, which are tracked read more…through time and visualized much like the way a particle collider draws pictures of subatomic matter.
SocialWhoIs – is to Twitter and FriendFeed what “Who Is” is to web sites and IP addresses. It reveals who you should follow and why – based on relevance read more…and not popularity. SocialWhoIs gives you a snapshot of any given user name with links to their assumed social network profiles, related keywords/topics, as well as a “home base” link. You can also search tags to identify individuals worth following and potentially engaging.
Sparsely – is just like twitter search except it only indexes the tweets of the people you follow. You can see trends based on your friends read more…tweets, and search the history of their tweets. We also geocode their tweets so you can view them on a map.
Summizer – Twitter Search App for the iPhone. Summizer quickly and easily tracks Twitter and follows the trends you care about. Summizer read more…allows you to save your search terms for 1 touch access later. Use Summizer to watch what people are saying about a topic in real time, check user opinions about your new product feature, or see how people are reacting to a major event.
Tagalus – dictionary of hashtags. Users can contribute definitions, vote on definitions, and decide which best describes the given tag. read more…In addition, you can send a message to @tagalus along with the word “define” followed by a hashtag in order to receive a definition via @reply
TagWalk – Twitter-powered Reputation and Recommendation Engine. It wanders around Twitter and the web discovering noteworthy things and read more…maps the connections between them. Use it to research users, hashtags and discover new things.
twazzup – Search twitter. Get real insights on different hot topics
Tweefind – search Twitter and displays results ordered according to a rank assigned to users. This rank (Tweerank) depends on how read more…popular/relevant/active those users are on Twitter. The higher this rank is, the more authority a user has. The Tweerank is assigned by an algorithm / spider working 24/7 and changes dinamically depending on how much a Twitter user is engaging.
Tweepfind – search for interesting Twitter users based on keywords on their profile. It shows them ordered by Tweerank, a rank that read more…measures how “engaging” a user is on Twitter (same used in
TweepSearch – Search your Twitter friends and followers by their bio! Also search over 11m Twitter profiles. Another Twitter app (see by @dacort.
Tweetag – Browse the twittosphere with nested tagclouds and never miss any raising trend related to your favorite topics
TweetRiver – Filter out the noise, select the absolute best tweets, and embed them on your website.
Twendz – Twitter mining web application that utilizes the power of Twitter Search, highlighting conversation themes and sentiment of the read more…tweets that talk about topics you are interested in. As the conversation changes, so does twendz by evaluating up to 70 tweets at a time. When new tweets are posted, they are dynamically updated, minute by minute.
Twhois – twitter whois tool, able to give detailed information about a certain user. Using thwois it is possible to get both read more…professional data (Complete name, Job position and company) and social networks habits (same user profiles on Digg, StumbleUpon, Google, Flickr, Facebook and so on) of desired users. All data provided are gathered directly from public profiles around the web and are continuously updated. Moreover, logging in via twitter API, it is possible to edit your own profile, adding information or editing existing ones.
Twiangulate – Find new people to follow by seeing who three tweeps (your friends or enemies) follow in common.
TwitDir – Twitter directory, no more. You are looking for someone, something? Just type a few words in the search engine. Enjoy!
TwitterJobSearch – provides contextual search solutions that analyze, organize and extend the reach of job opportunities. TwitterJobSearch read more…looks at the content of every tweet in context to determine its intent and break out filterable data. Getting beyond the 140 character limit of Twitter by going beyond the tweet, the technology also looks at biography information and crawls destination URLs to find additional information and context.
Twtvite – simple event organizer. Create a tweeup. Invite your tweeple via a short url. Manage RSVPs. Search for tweetups in your city. No username/read more…password required. (By @twtapps)
YourVersion – real-time discovery engine that continuously discovers new and relevant web content tailored to your specific interests in read more…real-time. YourVersion also lets you easily share that content with your friends through email, Facebook and Twitter.