Purples Squirrels Discovered at RecruitDC

A purple squirrel is more than just an oddly colored rodent. In the recruiting vernacular, a “purple squirrel” is a metaphor for that very rare, highly sought after, almost extinct species of candidate, because finding this candidate is about as easy as finding a purple squirrel.

How to Find Polygraph Candidates on Google

The strategy I use is filtering all the things I don’t want to see like job postings, etc. Keep your basic skill set search simple. If you get too many results, you can always add more filters to target a specific location or type of polygraph (“full-scope” OR “fullscope” OR “life style” OR lifestyle).

clearance AND polygraph AND resume -recruiter -job -jobs -submit -apply -”looking for” -recruiting -hiring -send -”email to” -”email resume” -opening -”to resume” -“resume database” -“sample resume” -applicant -examiner -chartrecorder

clearance AND polygraph AND “about me” OR bio OR vitae OR cv OR homepage OR profile OR resume OR resumebook -recruiter -job -jobs -submit -apply -”looking for” -recruiting -hiring -send -”email to” -”email resume” -opening -”to resume” -“resume database” -“sample resume” -applicant -examiner -chartrecorder

Place this hyperlink in your browser. It’s a search for any resume that has the word “polygraph”.  Add more filters or come up with your own key words.