Pros and Cons of a Virtual Career Fair



Distractions. Virtual job fair recruiting booths are staffed from the comfort of a hiring manager’s computer. That also means the possibility that recruiters or hiring managers may simply forget to sign in during the ‘live’ hours of an online job fair. To overcome this limitation, virtual job fair organizers need to obtain the buy-in of hiring managers and recruiters including blocking short spells of time on their calendars.


Overly Objective. The virtual career fair misses the combination of eye-contact and other body language that allow a job candidate to make a good first impression, or a recruiter to obtain first impressions. This is the biggest limitation of a virtual career fair – the absence of face-to-face contact, the absence of softer aspects that go into forming first impressions about a job candidate or a hiring organization’s culture. To counter this objection, one must remember that the virtual career fair is designed primarily to serve as a powerful pre-screening mechanism rather than an interview tool. Recruiters who may have at their disposal tools such as web-cams to bridge the distance, are still hesitant to use them in a virtual career fair. That is because of the gray area of repercussions relating to matters of equal employment opportunity, should a candidate not make the first cut after a virtual web-cam session. A virtual job fair is for recruiters to make instant contact with the best job candidates, no matter where they are physically located. Often, job candidates might be busy at work or located in faraway places. The virtual job fair wraps itself around their schedule, allowing them to log in and directly talk to hiring managers from the privacy of their computers for the initial screening.


Inertia about New Technologies. Recruiters and hiring managers may have an apprehension about learning to use a new tool for recruiting, no matter how simple it may be to use. This is a normal human reaction to any form of change. Look for technology that allows recruiting booth owners to add and manage their own content. A highly responsive technical support team hand-holds even the novice user. With repeated use of the platform, this issue is easily overcome.




Incredibly Convenient. The single biggest advantage of virtual job fairs in the minds of recruiters as well as job candidates and organizers that we have heard over and over again is that it is ‘extremely convenient’. A virtual booth can be set up typically within an hour. It may take some time to plan out the content in the virtual recruiting booth. However, after that it is simply point-click actions, requiring no special software downloads and no special knowledge of software programming.


No Travel. When job candidates from the military plan their return to civilian duty they can use a virtual job fair platform to connect live with recruiters even before they return home. Overseas job candidates, many from the U.S. Military, can now apply from various remote locations. Only a virtual job fair makes this possible.


Quick Turnaround Time. Change the job listings in your virtual booth with a couple of clicks, then instantly publish and preview your virtual recruiting booth. Now you are ready for your next virtual job fair. Only in a virtual job fair is such a quick turnaround time possible. Market it and promote it in any part of the world you desire using the power of social media and the Internet. With a virtual career fair, rinse-and-repeat is probably easier than doing laundry in a modern washing machine.


Virtual job fairs are definitely worth a try, and you might even be able to weave it into your regular recruiting program without straining your budget too much, because they are highly cost-effective.



Some Virtual Recruiting Providers

UBM Studios
CareerArc Group (TweetMyJobs was acquired by them)
iTradeFair (see there YouTube Infomercial)

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