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Top 10 Technique – Peeling Back a URL | NETRECRUITER

Top 10 Technique – Peeling Back a URL

The following ten URLs all point to a specific resume. However, can you spot any other information in the URL that would lead you to many more resumes?

1) http://www.arch.virginia.edu/career/resume/resumes/mco5y.pdf
2) http://members.nova.org/~jamesf/resume.html
3) http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~kapild/files/docs/resume.pdf
4) http://www.free-for-recruiters.com/Resumes/NY/1707886-Resume.html
5) http://homepages.nyu.edu/~jmg336/html/resume_7__cv_2002-06-19.HTM
6) http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~levow/jim/resume.html
7) http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lisetsky/resume_may_09_web.pdf
8) https://www.student.gsu.edu/~jan5/it2010_webpage/Resume.htm
9) https://www.cefns.nau.edu/Academic/Design/D4P/EGR486/ME/06-Projects/Webbing/Danielle%27s%20resume.htm
10) http://gicl.cs.drexel.edu/people/sevy/resume.html

Search Strategy 1:

Peel back the URL. For example, in URL 1, peel back or delete the filename of “mco5y.pdf” and see the new results of personal resumes, dated from 12/6/04 to 7/11/09.

You can do this again for URL 4, by peeling back “1707886-Resume.html”. This will display all the resumes from New York. Try swapping out NY with another state abbreviation such as VA and see your new results.

Search Strategy 2:

Perform a domain site search in Google, AltaVista, or other robust search engine. Since each URL has the word “resume” in the URL, simply insert this word in your search string, followed by the AND operator and lastly the SITE: command and the corresponding domain information.

URL 5: resume and site:homepages.nyu.edu
URL 6: resume and site:people.cs.uchicago.edu
URL 7: resume and site:physics.arizona.edu
URL 8: resume and site:student.gsu.edu

These are just two of many creative strategies you can use to uncover passive candidate resumes on the web.