Job Solutions and Resources for Transitioning Military Personnel

For some, readjusting to civilian life after years in the military can be a trying experience. Even for those who have an easier time, finding a job that uses the skills and abilities you’ve developed through the military can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, there are loads of resources out there that are designed to help veterans find work after they’ve returned home and to make their job searches easier and more rewarding. Here are a few places that former members of the military can look to for help finding the job they’ve always wanted. Job Sites for Veterans

These sites can help make finding a job after you leave the military a little easier, as they’re geared towards veterans from all branches of the military.

  1. Career Command Post: This job site is dedicated to bringing transitioning active duty military personnel and armed forces veterans together with civilian employers looking for employees for executive, managerial, professional, technical, and other positions.
  2. Corporate Gray: Post your resume on this site for employers to see or search through listings for jobs in your desired location. The site also sponsors job fairs where you can meet potential employers face-to-face.
  3. Landmark Destiny Group: This site provides numerous career resources as well as a place to post a resume, search through jobs and even learn about opening a franchise.
  4. Military Candidates: Active duty military personnel making the change to civilian life can search through job listings on this site and paste their resume.
  5. MilitaryHire: This site is operated by veterans and is designed to help new veterans make the transition into civilian employment. The site offers a job search, resume postings and free job-search resources.
  6. Military Job Zone: Former military job seekers can search for jobs on this site, post a resume, get additional career resources and much more at no cost.
  7. Veteran Careers: This useful site will make it easy to network with other veterans, search for jobs, and post your resume online. You’ll also be able to find resources on career fairs in your area.
  8. Transition Assistance Online: Get all the tools you need to make the switch to a civilian career with this site’s job listings, resume postings and and lists of military-friendly employers.
  9. Civilian Here you’ll be able to post your resume and search through jobs that are geared towards former military as well as get some valuable career advice.
  10. G.I.Jobs: This site is dedicated to helping current members of the military find civilian jobs. You’ll find job listings, education resources, and links to franchise opportunities.
  11. Helmets to Hardhats: If you’re looking to enter a construction or contracting field after leaving the military, this site can be a great help to you. It is full of listings for those types of jobs and it’s geared especially towards those in the military.
  12. Hire Veterans: Veterans can find loads of jobs that may fit their special skills in the fields of engineering, accounting, logistics, healthcare and much more on this site.
  13. Hire Vets First: This site works with employers and veterans to find jobs that match the skills and abilities of those leaving the military for a civilian life.
  14. Military Exits: Search through hundreds of jobs or post your resume for employers to view on this site. You’ll also get access to relocation help, job boards and career advice.
  15. Military Job World: This site provides articles and tips for job seekers as well as listings and is sponsored by the Non Commissioned Officer’s Association as part of the Veterans Employment Assistance program.
  16. Power This site aims to make transitioning a little less nervewracking by providing job search resources for all kinds of lucrative and skilled positions.
  17. VetJobs: The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States sponsors this site that helps military members and their families find employment and transition to civilian lives.
  18. Welcome Home G. I.: This site, sponsored by Mortgage Bankers Association, prepares veterans for jobs in mortgage loan origination, brokering, servicing, and processing.
  19. The Defense Talent Network: If you’d like to carry over your defense skills into the private sector, this site can help you get jobs in homeland security, aerospace, government and defense.
  20. MilitaryStars: This site provides military veteran employment through military job fairs and career expos, military hiring events, and an online job search.
  21. Hire A Hero: Here you’ll find help in finding a job when you return home. Search through online listings and get advice on job hunting from this site.
  22. The Navy League: This free service can help hook you up with interested employers, set up an online resume, and give you transition support and advice. While the name implies it only services the Navy, in reality it provides help to members of all branches of the military.

Resume Tools

These tools are great resources for those in the military or any other field.

  1. Young Veteran’s Special: Resume Basics: If you’ve never had a job outside the military, learn how to create a focused, effective resume with this guide.
  2. 10 Resume Tactics for Veterans: Use your military experience to your advantage on your resume with these tips from Career Builder and AOL.
  3. Resume Writing Tips for Military Veterans: Find a few basic tips for putting your military experience on your resume with this helpful article.
  4. Critical Resume Mistakes: Learn what not to do on your resume with some tips from Liz Handlin, a professional resume writer.
  5. How to Create a Persuasive Resume: Military provides this informative article on creating a resume that will help you stand out among other applicants.
  6. 6 Stealth Military Secrets to Creating an Effective Civilian Resume: You already have the skills to create a great resume and these tips can help get you pointed in the right direction.
  7. Creating Resumes for Federal Employment: This article from The Resume Place discusses the preference veterans are afforded when applying for federal positions and what information to make sure to include on your resume to ensure you get this special treatment.
  8. Make the Transition With a Civilian-Focused Resume: Get some pointers from about how to turn your military resume into a great civilian one.
  9. Best Practices in Resume Writing For Veterans: Executive Wendy Enelow gives some advice on writing resumes that will capture the attention of prospective employers with ten simple tips.
  10. Out of Uniform: Resume Tips for Making the Transition: Helmets to Hardhats gives some tips on creating resumes that will flaunt your military background but not confuse your potential employer with too many military terms.
  11. Pongo Resume: This professional resume writing company offers loads of tips and advice on their blog that can be good for civilians and veterans alike.
  12. 10 Commandments to Writing a Great Resume: Employment Digest provides resume writers with the 10 things they want to always make sure to do when creating a resume for any kind of employment.
  13. Write a Great Resume: 10 Strategies That Work: Make sure your resume stands out and is an effective tool to getting you a civilian job by utilizing some of the tactics discussed in this blog.

Organizations and Government Services

You’ve served your country, now let it serve you through these government sponsored programs and veterans organizations.

  1. Military Officers Association of America: Veterans can take advantage of connections and network possibilities provided through this organization as well as the job search and career assistance tools it offers.
  2. National Veteran-Owned Business Association: Join this organization to get your business access to lucrative government contracts and to take advantage of the veteran business community.
  3. National Committee of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve: The ESGR is an agency within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs that was established to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee’s military commitment.
  4. National Veterans Employment Assistance Service from the VFW: Get some assistance from the VFW in finding a job, whether you’ve just left the military or have been out for awhile.
  5. AMVETS: This organization brings together veterans from all branches of the military. Use connections and advice gathered through this organization to jump start your new career.
  6. Veterans’ Service Organizations: Here you’ll find a listing of all the government sponsored veteran’s associations. They can be great ways to meet other veterans and discover new job opportunities.
  7. Department of Veterans Affairs: This US government department provides all kinds of services to veterans, including programs like the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, which can help you get on your feet after coming back from military deployment.
  8. Veterans’ Employment & Training Service: This government sponsored program aims to help veterans make the transition back into civilian life after serving their country. It provides resources that can help you find jobs, get training and even find grants for education.
  9. Welcome Back Veterans: This charitable organization provides all kinds of resources for veterans returning home. It pays special mind to those suffering from disabilities or mental conditions and helps them get back on their feet and back into civilian life.
  10. Troops-to-Teachers: This Department of Education program helps returning veterans to turn their careers towards teaching, whether in elementary, secondary or vocational schools.
  11. Swords to Plowshares: This organization provides housing, training, health and social services and more to veterans returning from military service.


Read up on the opinions of and news related to veterans in these helpful blogs.

  1. Blue Sky Resumes: While directed at the general population, this blog can provide some great tips and advice on creating a stand-out resume for anyone, even those coming straight from the military.
  2. Employers for Veterans: This blog provides a feed of news from different employers who are dedicated to hiring U.S. veterans with priority.
  3. Veterans Benefits Advocate: Make sure you’re getting all your post-military benefits with information and advice from this blog focusing on employment assistance and medical claims.
  4. Voice of a Veteran: Read about issues important to veterans including employment after service on this blog written by and for veterans.
  5. Veterans Today Network News Blog: Learn about all kinds of news related to jobs, veterans and military operations in this informative blog.
  6. The Veterans Blog: Tony, a disabled veteran, blogs about issues that are relevant to veterans, especially when it comes to getting benefits and pursuing education.
  7. Oldtimer Speaks Out: This veteran blogs about his own life but also about job opportunities for veterans, volunteering and homelessness among veterans.
  8. Job Arsenal Blog: Get access to posts that alert you of online job fairs for veterans, whether or not to go back to school, and more.
  9. ASMBA Blog: This blog is part of the Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association and can be a great way to stay up to date on issues with your veterans benefits and get help and advice on transitioning to life after the military.
  10. Veteran’s Advantage Blog: This membership program provides great employment programs and shopping discounts to veterans. This blog outlines new additions and benefits offered by the organization.
  11. You Served: This military and veteran blog can help you learn about changes to your benefits and how to get educational resources and more.
  12. At Ease!: Here you’ll find loads of discussions on veterans affairs for all branches of the military.

Transition Guides

Let these guides help ease your transition to the civilian life.

  1. DoD Transition and Preparation Guides: The US Department of Defense offers transitioning active members of the military this guide to help make their lives after service a little easier.
  2. Transition Guide: This online book provides seven chapters worth of advice for making your transition as pain free as possible.
  3. Transition to Civilian Life: This guide from CareerOneStop gives you links and advice on finding a new job and getting additional training.
  4. Military to Civilian Transition:, a military resources site, gives departing military members some pointers on making the change with resume tips, books to read and more.
  5. Read to Succeed: Military Times provides a list of books that can give you a head start on thinking about your post-military career.
  6. TransitionWorks: This site is dedicated to helping people make big life changes, whether it’s from military to civilian life or from working to retirement. You’ll get access to loads of resources, sample questions and learn where to sign up for workshops.
  7. The Employee’s Guide to Career Transition: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management provides this guide to dealing with any kind of major career changes.
  8. Real Military Transition Stories: Read about other service members’ experiences making the change from military life to civilian life on this blog from
  9. TurboTAP: This official transition assistance program site will help you develop an effective plan for transitioning to civilian life and work.
  10. Transitioning Out of the Military: This article from will give you some of the basics you need to think about when your time in the military is drawing to a close.


Read these articles to get more insight into post-military job hunting.

  1. 3 Tips for Veterans on the Job Hunt: This blog posting from gives new veterans some tips on what it takes to find a job in today’s competitive workforce.
  2. Resources for Job Seeking Veterans: This article in the New York Times’ blog is all about programs that are designed to help military professionals find their way in the civilian world and get jobs that suit their skills and needs.
  3. Are Veterans’ Jobs at Stake in the Presidential Election?: This blog, written by a veteran, discusses policies of presidential candidates that could harm the job market for veterans. Learn what’s at stake so you can work to save jobs when the time comes and keep yourself employed.
  4. Helping Veterans Enter the Civilian Job Market: This article from the Detroit News shares some of the difficulties that many veterans have when reentering the job market, discusses programs that help them out, and showcases veterans who’ve been successful.
  5. Transition: More Than Just Changing Jobs: Read about the difficulties you may face when transitioning and hear the stories of other military personnel who have gone through the same thing.
  6. Getting Out of the Military? Watch Out for Employment Scams: Make sure you don’t get taken for a ride in your first days as a civilian by scammers. This article will help you find out what to look out for.
  7. Opening a Business After Leaving the Military: Get loads of links to sites that can help you start a business after getting out the military.
  8. Career Change Dos and Don’t’s: Check out these resources to ensure you’re not making any big mistakes when changing jobs.
  9. Real Life Job Hunting: The Story of One Veteran’s Career Transition: Get some inspiration from this veteran’s story of military retirement.
  10. Job Hunting Through the Net? 7 Tips to Lift Your Optimism: Trying to find a job over the Internet can be discouraging, with dozens of resumes getting posted with little feedback, but this article helps you maintain your good spirits throughout your search.
  11. The Myth of Post-Military Employment: Read about this Marine’s experience with telling others he plans to leave the military in this article.
  12. Post Military Employment: This article provides links to several resources that can help you find employment after leaving military service.

Educational Resources

Sometimes you can’t get the job you want without additional education. Here you’ll find help and assistance to get the education you need.

  1. Creating Futures: CompTIA has created this educational program to help minorities and women as well as veterans gain training in the field of IT, allowing them to successfully pursue careers as entry level technicians.
  2. The Fund for Veterans’ Education: The Fund for Veterans’ Education was established to provide scholarships to veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who served in Afghanistan or Iraq since September 11, 2001 and who are now enrolled in college or vocational-technical school.
  3. Allied Schools: This school provides specially designed programs for military and ex-military personnel.
  4. Learn to Use Your G. I. Bill: The G. I. Bill provides educational funding for active and retired members of the military. Find out how to get your share through this site.
  5. Scholarships for Veterans: If the G. I. Bill doesn’t cover your educational expenses, then see if you can get any of these numerous scholarships for veterans and their families.
  6. Educational Resources for Disabled Veterans: Even those who have come back to civilian life with disabilities from their service can get educational resources. Check them out here.
  7. Veterans Corp: You can get access to all kinds of free entrepreneurial workshops through this organization of business owning veterans.
  8. College Credit for Military Experience: Make your military experience go the distance by applying what you already know towards your college degree. This site can show you want you need to do to get credit for your training.
  9. National Council for Aging Care’s guide on Military Veteran Benefit Options: The U.S. is seeing a growing number of seniors who are also armed services veterans. The current median age for living Americans who served in the Korean War is 69. The Vietnam veteran population makes for a new crop of seniors with special needs – including medical issues that sometimes do not present until years later. The latest U.S. Census brief puts the number of veterans over 65 at over 12.4 million.

    If you have served in the military during wartime, chances are that you’ve taken advantage of education programs, career resources, and home loans available to you. But while those life issues may be behind you, there is a host of other resources to know about in your retirement years.

  • Veterans Upward Bound: This program is designed to increase the amount of educational opportunities that veterans have access to and to help them fully develop their personal potential.
  • Books

    Check these books out from the library or add them to your bookshelf to prepare for your new civilian job.

    1. Job Search: Marketing Your Military Experience by David G. Henderson: This popular book helps former military conduct successful job searches and make a smooth transition with the most up-to-date information on bringing military experience to a well-paying civilian job.
    2. Expert Resumes For Military To Civilian Transitions by Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark: Get a great collection of sample resumes for going into any career field with this must-have book.
    3. Military-to-Civilian Career Transition Guide: The Essential Job Search Handbook for Service Members by Janet I. Farley: This book aims to address the entire job-search process from start to finish, taking into account the impact on other members of the family and comes with charts, checklists and worksheets to help you figure out your plan.
    4. Military Transition to Civilian Success: The Complete Guide for Veterans and Their Families by Ronald L. Krannich: This well-received book gives tips on accessing the skills you’re bringing from the military, writing resumes and even planning for retirement.
    5. Resumes and Cover Letters That Have Worked For Military Professionals by Anne McKinney: Get a plethora of resume samples and cover letters in this book that covers every field from aviation to engineering and get some interviewing and searching tips along the way.
    6. 150 Best Jobs Through Military Training by Laurence Shatkin: This book shows how different military occupations can match up with careers in the civilian world, making it easier and more profitable to make the transition to life outside of the military.