How to Design a Mobile Enabled Website

Is your website mobile? Can your customers find you when they need you the most?


It is estimated that mobile advertising growth will continue at a rate of 10% each year throughout the next decade. With statistics like this, no business can afford not to jump on board and stay on top of this highly effective marketing method in this stage of the game.


Look around your business and note the people using a smart phone. Are some of your clientele mobile warriors? You might be surprised but odds are if you are one yourself, you are already aware of the growing numbers of people of every demographic that are using their mobile devices for much more than making phone calls.


Here are few import points to consider when designing a mobile enabled website for your organization.


1. Less is better. Plan your information architecture based upon what users typically want first when they go to your web site. Make a list and prioritize each page or function.


2. Minimal use of graphics. The on-the-go mobile user is not going to be wowed by images, pictures and graphics. They are browsing because they are looking for specific information. You want them in and out of your site. You’ll wow them with simplicity.


3. Button and font size. Eliminate wasting your visitor’s time by make links and buttons a size that is finger-friendly. Tiny text and button will just bring the visitor closer to exiting your web site.


4. If you want to sell products or services via your mobile website, think about using PayPal or Google Checkout. This eliminates the visitor from having to type in all contact and credit card information.


5. Promote your site through geo-targeted sites like Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yelp.


Your website should be able to read easily on a web capable phone or mobile internet device. If you’re equipped and capable enough to make your own mobile theme, the more power to you, for those of you who don’t have a designer’s or coder’s bone in your body, you have several viable options:


WPtouch is a hybrid WordPress theme/plugin. It allows you to pick and choose what content you want to display to mobile browsers, and based on your formatting, plops your data into a beautiful, easy-to-read, mobile WordPress theme. WPtouch loads lightning fast and shows your content beautifully, without interfering with your regular site theme. WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, or BlackBerry StormTM touch mobile device.


Mobify is more of a manual tool, you kind of have to know what you’re doing, or at least have someone who does at your disposal. It has a web editor that allows you to style your mobile them yourself. Just using the default style it has after choosing your content won’t cut it. You have to work some CSS magic.


WordPress Mobile Edition will give your website an iPhone-like makeover. Not much room for customization here, but you can add more mobile user-agents via the settings page.


Encouraging communication between yourself and your readers is an endless task, so give them more reason to respond to you by reversing the order of comments, displaying the newest comments on top, right below your post. It’s just a simple setting change, go to your Discussion Settings in the administration area, and choose to display newer comments at the top of each page.


Remember, the internet is always changing, and so are the ways we communicate on it. Show your readers you are informed and have an opinion about current events in your niche, and they will be drawn to speak to you.