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Social Recruiting Workbook 2012 – Pt1

Social Recruiting Playbook 2012

Social-Media-Plan Template

2009 Job Board and Recruiting Technology Directory (PDF, 6707kb) jb09.pdf

6 Social Networking Tactics for Email Marketers (DOC, 27kb) 6social.doc

9 Tips for Overcoming the Cold Call (DOC, 26kb) 9tips.doc

AIRS Sourcing Report, Volume 11 (PDF, 244kb) airs11.pdf

Best Practices for Email Marketing (PDF, 429kb) embp.pdf

How to Build an Opt-In Passive Candidate Email List (DOC, 26kb) optin.doc

List Building for Beginners: How To Build Your Very Own Opt-In Mailing List (PDF, 259kb) lbfb.pdf

QuickBooks 2009 (EXE, 559kb) qb2009.exe

Recruiter’s Bible (DOC, 245kb) rb.doc

Sourcing Cheatsheet (JPG, 205kb) cheatsheet.jpg

Twitter for Recruiters: How To, Help and Hype (PDF, 390kb) tfr.pdf

Using Boolean Logic in Search Strings (DOC, 44kb) ubl.doc


TAP Manuals

Create An Effective Resume PowerPoint.ppt
Create an Effective Resume’_TAP Supplement 3.10.pdf
F-TAP Workshop PP Slides.ppt
TAP Workshop Participant Manual.pdf