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A Few of My Favorite Things

Resume infoFinder Platinum


Every year since I started this e-zine in 1999, I have listed this killer app as the tool of choice for resume searching, retrieving, and communicating with job seekers who match your specific requirements. When this flagship product is used at 100% capability, it can both streamline and greatly reduce your overhead budget for recruitment, and put you on the same playing field as many other companies who are spending ten to twenty times more than your budget may allow. The bells and whistles, all which you would be happy for just one, will make you a believer and user almost immediately.


Download 3-day FREE trial: http://www.infogist.com/PlatinumRecruiterTryIt.aspx



One of my favorite COMPLETELY FREE tools, that I talk about in any presentation or training class, is dtSearch. Recently, this Bethesda, Maryland based software developer released their latest beta 7.95 version, Build 8633. Among the many new features, some of the most notable include the ability to create automatic index updates that can be scheduled; the ability to index other people's web sites, even handling dynamically created links (pages that were built for the requested search and static pages); the ability to maintain your in-house jargon as it pertains to a job description, but use search words that are in the real world; and a lot, lot more.


Download beta application: https://www.dtsearch.com/beta.html

This beta file application is encrypted and the extraction password is: DTSEARCH7



I can't say enough about this terrific killer app. It just does everything I ever expected or wanted in an Applicant Tracking System. But check out the monthly price, the level of friendly and accessible customer support, the rave reviews by anyone who has come in contact with this software, or try it out yourself and you will be as amazed and WOWed.


All plans come with a 30-day risk-free trial & Include all standard features.

Pricing: https://exelare.com/pricing/


NETRECRUITER sources, identifies, and screens experienced information technology professionals who possess active high-level security clearances and work for various companies that have contracts with the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. We also manage an online resource of cutting edge tools for recruiting to provide assistance and guidance for those seeking to hire new employees.